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Custom Development Solutions
Whether your challenge is delivering an off the shelf SaaS product, building enterprise apps for internal usage, or maintaining and optimizing complex legacy systems, you can rely on Dis3buted Teams and our custom development services.
Team Augmentation
Dis3buted Teams can quickly provide highly qualified staff to extend your teams. Our experienced web and data engineers can easily join your forces to build your front-end and back-end systems, as well as cloud environments.
Project Consulting
IT does not succeed through code alone. Market research, proper requirements, time planning, labor cost optimization, and clear documentation are the pitfalls that Dis3buted Teams can easily take you through.
Big Data and Machine Learning
Big Data in Marketing
Big Data in Performance Optimization
Big Data for Public Issues
Blockchain and Crypto
Blockchain in Finance
Blockchain for Record-keeping
Blockchain for Businesses and Government
Web apps Development
Corporate SaaS
Consumer Web Applications
Mobile Development
Online Retail Apps
Service-booking Apps
Lifestyle Apps
Cloud Orchestration
Data Center Services
Managed Support
Smart Home
Smart Cities
Self-driving Vehicles
Customer Development
Planning UX Flow
Visual Design
Building up Software Requirements
QA Automation
Manual Testing
Why choose us?
Whenever we build an enterprise SaaS or a consumer oriented app, all our products consistently perform in accordance with their specifications.
We provide the highest level of openness, communication, and accountability for clients big and small, for high and low levels of client involvement.
Time requires changes! Knowing that, we always think beyond current requirements, taking into consideration various possible scalability and adaptivity issues in future periods.
Data Science Expertise
We have mastered our Data Science skills in terms of finding and cleaning proper data sets, applying best in class modeling methods, and building self-sufficient systems.
Healthcare Expertise
From providing software to manage the entire process of researching new cures, to making pharmaceutical records available to business... We know a thing or two in Healthcare.
SaaS Expertise
From Marketing Automation tools to marketplaces and to integration of dispatched services... We know how to listen to existing users, how to return them, and how to acquire new ones.
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